Thursday, August 10, 2006

Its really motivating to see all those "active" blogs (unlike mine).
I have to stop beeing lazy and therefore here a bigger update:

from live:
have a look at the bigger version! Its still a WIP and the values and lighting somewhat suck (Don't have any fancy lights at home)

environment study:

the same but on a more abstract level

Just received my copy of "the skillful huntsman" today. Great book. I hope It will help me with my creative process. Still having problems with it.

And just by the way:
Has some great design stuff on his page. And some stuff that just sucks. Really have to learn more about design...

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Digital blind drawing: (1 min but I quite like it)


Now can you guess which artist inspired the colors?

Sunday, July 09, 2006

The first one is an abstract painting to practice the use of values, especially black. And I experimented with impasto effects and how you can use them for different things.

The next few are some experiments of mine. Drawing while beeing really tired. You get 100 ideas at once and your drawing instinct takes over. Had a lot of fun with it and I will experiment more with it in the future. You can read more about such experiments in this post:
If you want to see some highres versions and wip of new android art then check out this link:

The next thumbnails are for a comission. I will post it here as soon as it is finished.

The following stuff is from a PM I send to idiot apathy. Nice guy and he knows a lot about colors.
Have a look at his stuff:

At the moment I'm exploring the hue range.
So far I know that you can divide the colorwheel in cold and warm colors.
I also know that there is an area of unnatural colors that only exist in our mind. (everything between h=0% and h=33% in HSV terms). What we call purple is only a combination of red and blue. (#FF00FF in RGB terms)
I recently discovered that there is a difference between the brightness of several hues. To continue this I need to define two words:
Brightness is how bright a color really is.
Value is value in HSV terms.
It will be easier to understand this with pictures so here are some of the experiments I made lately:

Both images have exactly the same values (you can try it out) but the brightness is different. In the second one the blue seems darker than the cyan. If you take the colorpicker then you see that it actually has a higher value.
I figured some stuff out:
The digital colorwheel brightness looks like that (This happened when I wanted to shut down windows with painter still open. Windows desaturated the backround in a uncommon way):

The reason why cyan mangenta and yellow are brighter than red green blue is that the monitor works with additive colormixing.

Cyan is 0 255 255
Blue is 0 0 255
Therefore Blue is twice as bright than cyan.

I think this is an important part of color theory and it is underestimated by most artists. All of them use the glowbrush or color dodge without knowing how it works. A good example is bengal. She knows how to do these effects by hand and because of that her art is much more emotional. Example:
The use of yellow as a brighter hue is what makes the light so strong.

There are still many questions left and once we can figure some of them out I will post it here.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

This is a stupid post. I will update tomorrow with quite some stuff. I think it will be the most interesting post in this blog yet (perhaps not the one with the highest quality, artwise).

I'm experimenting with a lot of stuff and I just want to get rid of some comissions and most of all get rid of my thunderdome piece.
I had so many great ideas, lost interest in it and now I'm just hoping that after the judgement, its over.
I hate myself at the moment because everything is going wrong because of my lazyness and because I'm unable to be creative without inspiration.
I hate deadlines. (and want to be an artist.) Now thats stupid.
But hey, I told you this is a stupid post.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Just some studies from reference and a color / texture study. The impasto feature of Painter IX is underestimated. Must be because of the crappy default brushes.
The smaller version of the colorstudy looks bad. Please see the bigger version.

Friday, June 23, 2006

A huuuuuge update...

Nah... I don't have time for a huge update. I'm busy with stupid bureaucracy and additional I'm working on a secret thunderdome piece. Trying to push myself outside of my comfort zone (Illustration with full rendered backround and sci-fi theme). Can't say much more about it yet.
Thanks for all the art blogs out there that motivate me so much.

I will change the design soon, I promise it.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Soooo... finally I will have my own blog.
Sorry for the crappy blog design... I will take care of that soon.
The first one is a selfportrait, the last one is a cowboy bebop fanart piece.